LED light therapy facial

Medical Grade LED Light therapy facial with MediLUX LED

LED light therapy devices work with particular wavelengths and colors. Each color of LED Light therapy Melbourne gives different results regarding skin. These emitted lights during led light therapy facial improve cellular health by reviving the dead cellular skin cells and making them react to the treatment. Every wavelength affects different cells and cellular which help us decide which wavelength is needed for every individual’s skin type and problem. For instance, some wavelength reduces acne, some improves blood circulation, some reacts for skin tones and some wavelength is used for skin ageing.

Acne Management

LED Light Therapy Melbourne treats acne bacteria with specific blue light acne treatment that goes deep inside the skin and targets sebaceous glands which causes acne breakouts and swelling by producing oils on skin. Blue led light therapy also helps reduce the pimples.

Age Management

LED Light treatment offers truly promising results for several skin conditions including skin-ageing too, Red LED light therapy is vastly used to reduce fine line and wrinkles which causes ageing.

Skin Tone Correction

Green & Red LED Light therapy Melbourne is generally used for Skin Tone Correction. The Red light improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation whereas green light works for hyperpigmentation, skin sagging and under eye circles.

Redness Reduction

Yellow & Red LED Light therapy Melbourne helps to reduce redness as well as improves red cell production to give the skin natural glow. It also lessens the redness and sunburn.

Does LED light therapy cause any side effects or damages?

LED Light therapy Melbourne is mostly safe. You can feel some common side effects like headache, eye strain, change in sleeping patterns and nausea but overall it’s safe and does not have any long term harmful effects.

How Much LED Light Therapy costs?

Any single LED Light therapy Melbourne can cost you $25 to $100 depending on the place and requirement. And around 4 weeks are required for the sessions to complete. You will start noticing the effects after around 4 months.

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